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Plazma Burst 2 is coming in February 2011

2011-01-20 14:45:37 by EGurt

Glad to present to all of you our new game... most wanted Plazma Burst 2 :)

Watch out trailer! :)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WvLWkYy tFD8

Plazma Burst 2 is coming in February 2011


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2011-01-20 15:15:29

Can't wait for it. The fist game was awesome, in special the game its engine. Never saw something like it before. Very cool.


2011-01-20 18:08:08

Looks pretty good so far as a shooter game, after watching the trailer. I like the use of flash bangs in the game (haven't seen those ever used in a flash-shooter game before), as well as crouching and going prone mid-air and on the ground. Kind of reminds me of MW2 and Black Ops only 2D and rag-doll like. Can't wait to try it. Keep up the good work! ~Celegon~


2011-01-20 19:19:24



2011-01-20 22:53:45

omg im so exited hurry up january!!!


2011-01-21 03:48:01

oh and pleaaaaaaaase please please add medals :D


2011-01-30 12:09:55

Can't wait... I'd like to see an official release date!


2011-02-14 14:35:23

im actually REALLY excited for this. im literally buzzing for it I CANT WAIT


2011-02-26 22:32:39

Heh,Plazma burst 2 is said to come out tommorow id be sure as hell Pissed to find this game Bad Anyways im hoping the game is better with the animations such as the jump and walking...


2011-03-02 20:53:40

dude its march and this game isn't even out yet


2011-03-09 04:50:30

??? why not relased its mart yet?


2011-03-10 14:31:47

:O Its Late


2011-03-13 12:59:28

I played the game on the official site=Dude i hope you read this and i hope this pisses you off as much as plazma burst 2 pissed me off Yeah Sure the Game has a crap load of guns and better graphics and armor custimazation But what really pissed me off is that (i think theres 42 levels?) i cant even get pass one Fucking level and i think it was 14 or 15...But seriously what were you thinking when you Made Easy difficulty? or even the frikkin fat ass cliffs this game dissapointed me more than plazma burst 1 Nuff Said.


2011-03-14 09:12:25

Very very detailed. Love the new weapons. The effects and dismemberment are awesome!


2011-03-16 19:47:33

BUT what i DO like is the dismemberment and better graphics and physics (P.S. it was actully 16 i was stuck on) and the new guns. but i think you could give a little more to the armor custimazation and maybe add that to multiplayer
Players tend to be shot in head 6 or 5 times with a shotgun and not die
i would also like that fixed even though that its just a matter of connection or lag...
i wouldve also liked if you used vehicles a little more in the campaign or even in multiplayer (0.o) But the game was pretty good besides everything else Glad to see plazma burst 2 and onto the third one.


2011-03-17 13:10:16

we are 17 march but the game is not out you said that the game is comming on february 2011 but now it's march


2011-03-19 04:57:02

It's on Plazmaburst2.com. It doesn't have to be on newgrounds! Play it there


2011-04-12 08:55:23

I can't find it, can you give us a link to the game?


2011-04-12 08:56:44

Oh no wait, it's ok I found it.


2011-04-13 20:14:13

Oh hey I just wanna say thanks for fixing ONE of my maps and screwing up some of mines.


2011-06-01 16:56:31

Heh, I'm glad you're still working on it.


2011-09-30 20:39:05

uh, mind telling me why this is on playhub before it's on newgrounds? i've been playing it there at school for a while now, and im not sure where else it might be, but i kinda thought newgrounds would have SOME kind of priority...

(Updated ) EGurt responds:

We don't want to publish it on too popular sites until it's multiplayer part is complete and stable.


2014-05-18 21:07:37

In multiplayer I have lag and a the game says I have a too high ping, what does it mean?