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Well, maybe game does lack some polish and elements that could make it more fun.

Perhaps you'd want to try Box2D at some point, then go from that. Not sure if it exists in Scratch though.

Hmm. I seem to complete first puzzle but nothing is happening. Or at least I had feeling something should have happened.

Was not sure what timer is for. I guess to challenge myself.

Not sure what some of top right buttons are for. It feels like game needs to be fullscreen and perhaps it is a broken feature now due to ruffle port.

Could be cooler if rotators were dragged with pieces themselves.

Game seems alright though, especially buttons at bottom right are a nice touch.

Veinom responds:

Yes, the top buttons go fullscreen and exit the game, and that works if you download the game. I tried to have the rotators follow the pieces, but the 3 methods I tried, they all failed. So what you see here was the best compromise.


Game is obviously not finished but I guess it is a game. Obviously could be good to see a full project at some point.

In a current state I can tell that:
- Something is off with sound/music volume balance perhaps?
- Enemies can spawn on player;
- Visual effects are not responsive enough;
- Feels like player is too slow and lacks inertia;
- Hard to tell how many hits player can still get until game is over;
- Initially I expected enemy projectiles can be reflected/canceled by attacks;
- Some shaking whenever player holds mouse button;
- Got exhausted clicking mouse button, perhaps automatic attacks could be easier to general player;
- Too few enemy types;
- Lacks powerups perhaps;
- Lacks weapon variety;
- Needs lore - with such game title there so much can be done.

THEDevM4N responds:

Thank u for your feedback I do plan on adding more to the game down the line

What is bad:
- You can hit cars with your head. On a screen's projection for some reason. Same works when you try to run behind car;
- There is no death sequence/animation;
- No sounds.

What is good:
- I like the hand-drawn font;
- Game like this can be fun if finished.

I didn't get why gun randomly doesn't shoot.

KenPoc477 responds:

He is realoding the gun

It is nice :)

Hmm. It is fun, but feels not challenging enough, at least for first 6 levels.

Maybe some people would not be able to see difference between some colors on level 3 and later?

Also some desktop screens would not fit game vertically, but I guess it is meant for mobile anyway.

Ayoub3332 responds:

Hi EGurt! Thanks for the comment but it's difficult doing levels but Thanks, I want to do a desktop version.

Regards, Ayoub3332

Quite simple, but I like animations & SFX.

Used to skip text-based games like this decades ago but I was dedicated to play until I died for the first time :)

I've reached some walls that can be walked over. Didn't understood what SP stands for at first since I don't really play RPGs at all.

KJScott responds:

The walls you can walk through are secret/illusionary walls, meant for you to discover to often find treasure behind. SP is special points, used for skills. MP is mana points, used for magic spells. HP is health points. If you access the in game menu via Z you can swap your skill if you have more than one or cast a spell if you have any.


Game does exactly what it promises. It does remind me of some early project I've made that is related to physics, I didn't figure out Nape or Box2D at that time yet though.

PS: Holding mouse button and spamming C lets you create a big sponge which you can use to wipe away all the rigid bodies.

.: Make it better :.



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